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Amanda and Marcus met in high school. They quickly became good friends over a love of skateboarding and punk rock music. At a young age, Amanda had a passion for coloring in the lines and making signs. Her artistic abilities and dash of OCD led to a career in Graphic Design. This naturally transpired to another creative outlet: tattooing. She also picked up face painting at kids' events. Illustrating a children's book has been a dream come true and she hopes to have more fun projects like this in the future! ( Marcus got his degree in Culinary Arts and opened a Southern BBQ restaurant, Miss Delta, based on his Alabama-born grandmother’s recipes. ( He is also a husband and father to a wonderful wife and two kids. When Marcus opened his restaurant, he brought on Amanda to design his menus, branding, and merchandise. During the pandemic in 2020/21, Marcus was forced to find other ventures to help keep his restaurant open and came up with an idea for this book. Amanda & Marcus came together and worked enthusiastically to create this unique coloring cookbook. We are super excited to share this with y’all and hope that it will bring years of fun and memories to your families! We appreciate your support and want to use this as an avenue to give back to our community. We proudly are donating a percentage of the proceeds of each book sold to Rose Haven. Rose Haven is a day shelter and community center in Portland, Oregon serving women & children experiencing poverty, trauma, and intersecting issues. Support includes food, water, clothing, diapers, hygiene products, rain gear, mail service, pet food, showers, bathrooms, tents, tarps, and sleeping bags. We encourage you to check out their website: Thanks!

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